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39 questions ! <3

its late and this looks fun so yeaaaa <3

-What’s your favorite piece of jewelry?

probably earings 

-Something you miss from high school?

ditching school with my friends to go do dumb shit 

-What do you prefer to drink in the morning?

water hhhhh

-What’s your favorite meal?

sushi maybe ?? yeaaa sushi 

-Favorite hobby?

listening to music, playing games, taking care of my garden and going out with friends

-Name a trait that you hate about yourself? 

that im very insecure

-Middle name?

mercedes sofía

-Name 3 thoughts at this moment:

i need money, i wanna go out, cant wait for tomorrow

-How did you bring in New Years? 

too long ago

-Favorite place to go? 

anywhere but my house

-Last thing you ate? 

nuggets :>

-Introvert or extrovert?

a shy extrovert

-What color shirt are you wearing? 


-Favorite color? 

pink and red <3

-Favorite girl’s name? 

gabriela, not that im biased

-Favorite boy’s name? 

matías or andrés, alejandro or sebastian also

-How many TVs are in your house? 

2 1/2

-What is your worst habit? 

planning everything last fucking minute

-How many pets do you have? 

3, 2 dogs and a hammie

-What is your favorite candy? 

chocolate for sure

-What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up this morning?

what time is it? i dont wanna read my messages

-Last song you listened to: 

lonely girl by tonight alive

-Something someone might not know about you?

my psychologist said i was a very very sad girl


gaby, pudunguis, gabygabs, kiosko, la neko kawaii, pandy, cusi


none but i plan on getting some before i turn 18

-Do you like hot-dogs? 

hell yes

-What is your love language?

pshysical touch and words of affirmation

-Do you believe everything happens for a reason? 


-Do you usually initiate hugs? 

not really

-What do you believe we as human beings take most for granted in this world? 

probably small things that make us happy, cause i read somewhere its the small things that we're gonna miss the most when we're gone

-Favorite month and why? 

october cause i love halloween parties !! and december cause i get gifts

-How many jobs have you had? List them.  


-Have you ever met anyone famous? Pics? 

i met sech at a xv before he got famouse cause he used to do those kinds of gigs all the time

-Alcoholic beverage of choice? 


-What’s your favorite love movie? 

warm bodies <3

-What is an unpopular opinion you have? 

im terrified of the ocean but i love the beach

-Three things you don’t like that most people do? 

tiny dogs, caramel, rock candy

-Your favorite birthday?

mineeee march 25th

-Favorite dessert?

natilla always, always natilla forever natilla 

thats it, bye <3

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