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We will Die clean ad Pretty - Tw

So latey Ive been having thoughts of sh and suac!ed I could get help or leave with out any one being worried I kinda have a plan clean up and do things I like draw all day and try to find out what happens in mha rewatch sailor moon or at least stars again befor I go as well as do other thing i want to befor leaving a week of preparation of decision ill decied by the end of the time limit or give my self more time to think a month or the shortest a week of thinking by then if nothing had improved id walk to my local brideg and jump off id sneek out and run to it just run to it giveing my self time for the final choice ill writte my note during the month/week school just started up again and Ive tried i really did nothing has changed im so tired I dont wana be here any more I want to finish my time here natrualy I really do or did but I cant my energy has just dropped this past week every effort seems like nothing I need to go if I do hopefully ill be okay ill make sure to die clean and pretty, Carl. 

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