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my music progress blog #1

i'm tired of trying to find someone to talk to about all my progress in self-teaching everything to do with modern music production, from songwriting to DAWs to production to mixing/mastering to remixing to approaching different genres/sound profiles to dj'ing. i don't like burdening my friends with rants they can neither understand nor relate to, and it's not exactly interesting to little music communities to hear about all the progress i'm making, but i would really like to put this somewhere, so here we are

so, a little (or too much) background, for anyone who's weird enough to be reading this:

i have been playing music since i was about eight years old, playing piano and saxophone at first but quickly changing over entirely to guitar and pretty much sticking with just guitar for over a decade

i've always loved singing too, but i'm a very anxious person, so i hesitate to sing around literally anybody i know... i've finally managed to get some good feedback on my voice from little shows i sang at and from friends who heard my stuff, whether that was shitty covers i uploaded to soundcloud, me serenading them over discord (lol), or just playing music with irl friends

so with a bit of wind in my sails, at the beginning of 2021 i started a deep dive into the world of modern music production, and have pretty much spent every day since learning, creating, practicing, and talking about music. i picked up piano again, and have been teaching myself bass since april or so. shoutout Adam Neely. it's been a lot of fun and a lot of work. i have made so much progress that it's honestly one of the only things in my life that i'm genuinely proud of

i was particularly inspired to get into it because of stuff like 100 gecs, laura les, food house, FKA twigs,  hyperpop artists, and various other musicians doing their own weird thing who are all so innovative and doing unique things with modern production. it started to really seem like modern production has turned the music world into a golden age of "anything goes". you needed an insane amount of privilege to have the time and money to start making stuff in this realm a decade ago, and imo even as recently as a few years ago in terms of really high quality stuff

it seems to me like the only real rule for musicians right now is, if you make what you really fucking love to hear to the best of your ability, people will come. so i wanted to start doing that, and i'm learning so much because i really want to do it to the best of my ability

ok i think that's.. all the background. i mean, not all of it, but enough for what i'm looking to do here

...anyways i just want to have this blog to write about what i'm up to, what progress i make, how i feel about it, what i'm struggling with, what i want to learn, and maybe keep track of some goals too

honestly, if anyone were to read this and follow along with my journey, feel inspired to pursue their own creative dreams, or really feel anything at all, that would mean the world to me. so that's why i'm making it public

this is basically just an intro to the concept behind the blog, so i'm gonna make another post to start talking about what i'm up to, 'cause this already feels long-winded and like it's bound to put anyone who clicks on it to sleep

FUCK capital letters for anything other than names & shouting, and don't give up on your dreams, my precious blueberries

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