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dni list !!

i didn't feel the need to make this at first, but i think it's neccesary. 

dni if you are: 
18+ or -12 
xenogender and/or neopronoun anti 
a cishet white man /hj 
a fujoshi or fundashi 
you call yourself "blunt" but you're really just being an asshole 
people that fetishize other people or sexualize anything 
genshin and like 80% of MHA fans 

other than basic dni (no homophobes, racists) that's all i can think  

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I also forgot to say, absolutely NO dsmp fans and NO toxic fans of any fanbase

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🌈🦕💖~Grace~💖🦕🌈's profile picture

wht about the genshin fans who aren't bad?

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yeah that's fine, im really just talking about the toxic ones

by _gh0st.g4ng_; ; Report

ohhh ok! :D

by 🌈🦕💖~Grace~💖🦕🌈; ; Report


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I hate people who call themselves fujoshi or fundashi, especially white people who use those terms because "gay/lesbian fetishiser" isn't UwU x3 aesthetic enough

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what does being white have to do w/anything? and yeah ikr. I hate it when people fetishize being queer ;-; it's nasty ash

by 🌈🦕💖~Grace~💖🦕🌈; ; Report