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songs that I can't stop listening to rn

anything you want- jawny 

sudno- molchat doma 
her- tyler, the creator 
new magic wand- tyler, the creator
all in the family- korn 
freaking out the neighborhood- mac demarco 
panama- sports 
where'd all the time go?- dr. dog 
my jinji- sunset rollercoaster 
first love/late spring- mitski 
my girl, the finest- eyedress 
romantic lover- eyedress 
jealous- eyedress
in my room- insane clown posse 
2seater- tyler, the creator
automatic- spencer. 
tired- beabadoobee 
empire ants- gorillaz 
little lamb- jazmin bean 
honeypie- jawny 
deceptacon- le tigre 
hsbf- hot freaks 

i listen to a LOT of music. if you have music recs, i want them <33

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