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school sucks, i have been absent for the past 4 weeks and i have my exams tomorow. I'm expected to make them even though i have no clue of what they're about, i'm so fucking stressed i'm going insane

update: my psychiatrist gave me a note so i can skip my exams this trimester

i've been absent from school for a month now and none of my friends even asked me if i'm alright, i'm literally not talking to them when i get back

my house is so chaotic right now, my friend's dog is staying at my house because they're on vacation and my 3 cats aren't having it. i basically have no time for myself anymore because it's so busy and my family barely helps, lazy mfs. also why doesn't my boyfriend talk about me to his friends? it's like i don't even exist while all my friends know about him :(

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