fursuit plans o3o

ive been watching a tonn of vids on fursuit making and now i wanna actually try and make one xD ive thought abt it b4 when i was younger but i wasnt rlly confident in my crafting skills ! i still dont think i could make something amazing but like, thats why u gotta try!! so u can get better ^_^

anyways i found all the materials on amazon and made a alternative design for my fursona based on the fur i picked out !! this way i dont have to buy like. 4 different yards of fur cuz thatd b expensive o_O"

so yeah!! :D i plan on making at least the head. i take commissions via amazon gift cards so thats how ill save!! (if u wanna commission me..https://kandikommissions.carrd.co/ >w<)

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So cool :D

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Rem!! (eyestrain warning 4 profile!)

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these planz look rlly cool!!

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