Female portrait. Oil on canvas, gold leaf.


My inspiration came from Louis Rakovich photos.
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June 2021. 40x60.

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Thank you 🤘🤘

by Alheiminn; ; Report


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Looks so Phantastique... part of the real unappreciated stage of this image is getting the oil on canvas for becoming digital imagery... this version translated awesome from the actual painting... bravo

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Thank you so much!

by Alheiminn; ; Report

V Holeček Art

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Danke! 🤘

by Alheiminn; ; Report

Shadow Bliss

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That looks really cool.

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Thank you! ✨✨

by Alheiminn; ; Report

Byron, VP of SpaceHey

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That is so cool!

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Thank you! 🥂

by Alheiminn; ; Report