Did anyone else actually go see the movie Spiral? It's supposed to be a sorta continuation of the original Saw series, and honestly? It's a bit shit. If anyone else actually saw it and liked it, do tell, but I'm really not understanding why they even thought the whole movie should be made in the first place. Some spoilers for the movie ahead, stop reading now if you don't want to know!!

Why would anyone think that in the current political climate it would be a good idea to make the victims cops, I do not understand. It's not like they even made themĀ decent people who were also cops, they straight up said "oh yeah this guy murdered an innocent person and tried to cover it up, but aren't you bothered by their death?". I mean I can't say I give much of a shit at that point. The whole movie is about how all the cops are blatantly corrupt, and they die because of it. Am I meant to be hoping for the killer to be caught or not? It's not like the rest of the plot was very interesting either, so I don't see what's meant to be appeal of the movie? They just really should've let the franchise go, or at the very least, don't make everyone in the movie a corrupt police officer who's constantly being a blatant asshole.

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