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In and out 9 my pov

Her brother showed me a letter Abbie's wife left her. She wanted a divorce. I felt so sorry for Abbie I couldnt imagine how I would feel if Ethan did that but Abbie is so fragile to the real world. I walk back to my spot in the doorway as Abbie tries to figure out what was going on. Her brother walks in and tells her her wife left this note to give to her and hands it over. Abbie reads it and starts crying. I didnt know what to do I know I did the same thing but im still standing here and I have made it this long without getting yelled at so. Dixie walks in and questions whats happening she reads the note and tell sABbie it's going to be ok as she hugs her. "It's the same thing with a different person" Abbie says I want to tell her im sorry bc i know this is what happended with me. Except I wasnt a pussy and left a note I said it in real life. I walk over and crouch next to dixie and tell Abbie "it'll be alright" I didnt know what to do but I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. It was the specific vibrate for Ethan..

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