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festivals + the way music used to be

god  music festivals  sound so  fucking fun, i  wish i  could  go to one  one day, and i wish i couldve  gone  to them sometime  in the 90s  and  2000s. that whole  when we  were  young  fest seems  cool but  im scared  of how  its gonna  go + i  would  die 2  go to an  old  music festival  like warped  tour or  ozzfest. old festivals are  just  unbeatable, have  u Seeen  the  lineups  on that  shit ? i have a  warped  tour 2004  cd  and an ozzfest 2000 cd  and theyre  CRAZYYY, the way  music  was back  then is  so much  better  than it is now, its  like  the personality  of  bands  today is bland, compared to ones  of the 90s  and 2000s the personality of music has been (basically)  completel y drained, theres nothing  like  them anymore  (at  least not  in a huge  wave  as it was)

new  music or wahtever  feels  like its just  trying to  poorly  replicate  old music  OR revive  it in a  way  that  completely  detaches  it  from the  original  version in a  horrible  way 

4 sure  wish that  i was  around  for the  rise  in the  music  that i  luv  today

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yeah i too feel like bands kinda have gotten "weaker" if that makes sense? and i don't even mean they got softer and don't do heavy music anymore or whatever. but even when they make heavier music it kinda feels less inspired to me idk

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YEAH i get exactly what u mean it feels like everyones just trying to make another "big hit" or whatever and its so lame and uninspired, it doesnt feel personal anymore

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