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in and out 8 my pov

I didn't realize what the hell i was doing until i was standing in the doorway. I leaned against the door frame just watching not talkin. Dixie told me to sit but I didnt move.  Abbie finally wakes up after I walk back to my spot on the door frame from calling my momma and sayin ill be late to pick up the boys. Dixie and her talk until Dixie says " Can you guess who else is here?" "Jordan my brother my dad and you?" Abbie says unsure. I realize im cryin but don't know why,  Dixies finally points me out and Im standing there tryin to look tough as I stan din the doorway of my exs room. She starts to cry as she sees me "Its her Wow" she says She closes her eyes almost like she doesnt believe im here; when she finally knows im here she looks at me like inspecting me. Then says "Oh wow you really have changed all because of me yelling at you I changed you" She is smiling I want to tell her 'that and a little TLC but sure' but I dont im not that low kinda. She frowns "I fucked up im sorry I didnt mean it you didnt know that did you?" is all she says. I roll my eyes subtly and think bout a im tough comback like Sure yea just kill every caring part of practically drill right through me if I was a vampire take a stake through my heart but sure dont mean it its alright. I dont. Dixie leaves Im still crying but I say "Even if you say it a million times it wont make it better dumbass" I fix my face and look at the chair hesitantly as Abbie says "I know but I really didnt mean it" I want so badly to tell her sure that is in the world where you are the one yellin not being the one sitting there vulnerable wanting it all to just pause and mute. I dont say anything but she says "I wont bite ya know" I dont sit down not yet she asks why im here. I almost answer then feel a hand lay on my shoulder I look back to see her brother. "Can we talk in the hall" he asked I agreed  we walked out there and we talked. I could feel Abbie watching but I didnt say anything.

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Lmao, are you reading the chat??

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Check now and read the whole thing!!

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