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in and out 7 my pov

As Im looking for my keys my phone goes off. "Ugh whos calling me I swear if its Jricho or bo again." I say as I answer my phone. "Hello" I say, nothing "hello?" I say again. I hear some boy talking then I hear a girl say " It's her Its realy her" Confused I say "Who is this?" I don't know what to do I feel like I know the girl and the boy. I realize I do when the girl goes "Abbie Its Abbie" I dont know what to do. My entire body goes numb everything comes back too fast and I start crying. Ethan walks in "Babe whats wrong?" Im dead silence it's as if Abbie came and killed me all over again over and over. I fall to m knees holding the phone to my ear until my arm gives out and falls to my side. Ethan concerned a hell "Joel Who are you talkin to?" I dont answer this puts him off he grabs the phone from my hand and yells into it "Who the hell is this?!?!" I dont hear what she says I stand up shakily and go back into heartless mood. I wipe my tears and fix my face just like Momma taught me to without moving from that spot. Ethan is so mad I put my hand on his arm to calm him down as he yells " YEA SO WHAT? WHAT DO YOU WANT WITH MY GIRLFRIEND?!?!" I tell him to calm down as I hold him in my arms trying to help him. She doesn't say anything then I hear Jordan's voice. He is the boy! I take the phone outta Ethan's hand "What the fuck is going on Jordan?!?!?" "She is having a panic attack you want to see her go to the hospital"  I hang up and sit down on the floor. I tell Ethan I had found my keys and I need to get my boys but instead i actually considered going to the hospital and just stand in the doorway see how much Abbie changed let her see what she broke just those 2 years ago..  Let Jordan see that I really do care when i want to that i do have a small heart. Even if its all taped up and bruised.

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I'm working on 8 now!

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once you finish ill do my pov

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