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in and out 6 my pov

I answer it. "hello" I say and hear my little older brother say "hiiii" Ethan looks at me confused and I mouth Jericho, Ethan nods his head and walks out the room. "Whats up bubby?" "Hi sissy" I hear my 2 other brothers say. "Hey boys how y'all doing?" " Im good, Same, Im great" I hear three different responses. "Of course Jericho and Bo are good but Orion is great also an of course" "Can you come pick us up Mom is tired of us and told me to call you to take us for the day and tonight" "oh oki um Ill call mom and verify if it's cool with her and tell Ethan" "Ugh fineee ok Love you see you bye" "Love you too bubby bye" I hang up and walked out to find Ethan making us some Pizza rolls in the oven. I walk in and sit on the counter "Hey babyyy" I say a little to optimistic. "Oh no babe are they stayin the night again?" He asks. He leans on the counter with me in between his arms, I look up and back at him. "Maybe i have to talk to momma" "I hope she says yes I miss those rascals that run around this place like it's going to disappear" He says with a smile. I smile back at him and stand up on the counter to jump down. I jump down and yell "Im going to go call my mom" About 5 minutes later I walk back over to Ethan and tell him "Oki I gotta go pick them up do you know where my keys are?" I put y phone on the couch and go to find my keys.

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