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In and out 5 my pov

It's been 2 years since what happened. I lay next to my boyfriend who is holding me well we watch our movie in our room. I start to wonder what happened to Abbie but soon I remember what she said at the hospital how she killed me forcing me to forget love and people. I wanted to die but I couldn't Jordan wouldn't let me Keirra wouldn't either she was around a lot I mean she is my best friend since 3rd grade. I start to wonder if I should call Jordan to see how Abbie is. Then I realize as Ethan pulls me closer to him like I had moved away that I didnt't care. Abbie had killed the last chunk of love and care I had left until I met Ethan. Now it's only him, keirra, and my boys that I love and care for. Ethan pulls me on top of him and smiles "Hey" I say "hi gorgeous" he says back with the biggest smirk of his life. I start laughing "you dippi" "You know.. you could call me Dippido" he says holding me more tighter to his chest "You know how moral I can be that name belongs to Elijah" I snap back.  He kisses my forehead and lets his arms drop down beside him. I lay my head on his chest and go back to thinking. When my phone rings we both jump and I roll off to answer it.

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This left me shaking

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oops sorry

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