Some of My Drawings 😄

So last year during lockdown/quarantine I started drawing again. I drew a lot back in high school but hadn't drawn anything since around 2010 when I graduated. I'm still not super confident, and I'm constantly trying to improve, but I started posting them on my other socials and figured I'd also post them here! I might also post the ones from high school since I've scanned a lot of them. they are! (sidenote: I wish images were easier to upload & organize!)

1. "The Pumpkin King"
Based on a picture I saw in a Facebook group
2. Spooky Ghosts

3. Lord of Hunger
Darth Nihilus from Kotor II
4. A Simple Man
Just a simple man making his way through the his father before him.
5. A Child in a Mask

6. Relics (First drawing I'd done since 2010)
The first drawing I
7. Ship of Dreams

8. SSV Normandy SR-1

9. King of the Monsters

10. Free Willy

11. El Rey

12. Wise One

13. Acclamator I

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these are so cool!!

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Thanks! 🤗

by Steven 👻🎃; ; Report


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all of these rock, but i especially love the kylo + free willy ones!! good stuff dude

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Thank you!

by Steven 👻🎃; ; Report


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You are very talented man

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by Steven 👻🎃; ; Report


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Great work!

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Thank you! 🤗

by Steven 👻🎃; ; Report