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I'm doing a blog survey!

BaSiC InFo

Name: eva
Birthdate: june 1st
Birthplace: sea girt nj
Current Location: austin tx
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: blonde
Height: 5'8"
Weight: i'll never tell

What's Your....
Zodiac Sign: gemini
Ethnicity: white
Body Type: thicc
Favorite Food: sushi probably
Favorite Drink: i guess diet coke?
Baseball Team: i don't really watch baseball but the yankees
(when) Bedtime: about 12:30
Favorite Color(s): purple or the combo of pink & green
Favorite Letter: don't really have one
Favorite Number: 17
Candy: something w/ caramel in it
Favorite Animal: horse
Favorite Messenger: AIM lol
Screename: jurs
Favorite Store: sephora i guess
Most Missed Memory: horseback riding
Best Physical Feature: most people comment on my eyes
Overused Phrase: don't think i have one
First Thought Waking Up: "ughhgghh i drank too much"
Goal for this year: don't get rona
Weakness: being too forgiving
Fears: heights, the deep sea, wasps, snakes
Heritage: polish, italian, dutch
Longest Relationship: 2.5 yrs
School's Name: i'm not in school
Favorite TV Show: battlestar galactica

Have You Ever....
Drank: yes
Smoked: yes
Dyed Your Hair: many times
Shoplifted: i think i stole a pen from kmart
Tried To Do The Splits: as a child
Tried To Do A Backbend: probably also as a child
Tried To Do A Cartwheel: when i was younger
Tried To Do A Handstand: when i was younger
Tried To Act Perfect: eh maybe but not really
Get A Detention Of Any Kind: i used to get detention for being late to school too often
Skinny Dipped: nope
Had Sex: yes i am 30 years old
Kissed/Hugged An Opposite Sex: yes
Kissed/Hugged The Same Sex As You: yes

Been Dumped: yes
Done Drugs: yes
Had A Boyfriend/Girlfriend: yes
Ate Sushi: yes
Loved Someone: yes

In A Guy/Gurl....
Fav Eye Color: doesn't really matter but the combo of dark hair and blue eyes is striking to me
Fav Hair Color: see above
Short or Long Hair: short, but long is ok if they can pull it off
Height: i prefer taller
Weight: i don't like really skinny guys or really big guys so just somewhere in between 
Looks Or Personality: personality
Love or Money: i mean... a bit of both 
Hot Or Cute: cute
Drugs and/or Alcohol: no drug
Muscular or Really Skinny: muscular
Sexy or Shmexy----> what the hell is schmexy though
Random...: i think im going to order sushi for christmas eve dinner for myself. however it is 12PM and im pretty hungry so i might order somethin else right now
update i ordered tacodeli

How Do You Want To Die?: feeling fulfilled
What country do you want to Visit: several, but new zealand has always been at the top of my list
Been to the Mall Lately: absolutely not
Do you like Thunderstorms: i've always liked them, but now i kind of dread them bc Luci is scared of them
Shower Daily: yes
Do you Sing: yes just for fun
Want to go to College: i did that a long time ago
Clothes: whatever's comfortable usually
Shoes: mostly rotating between uggs, adidas slides & slippers these days
Make-Up: very sporadically these days
Hair Do: i have it down atm so i dont get a headache but usually it's up in a bun
Phone: iphone xs max
Phone Number: my old NJ number
Location: austin
Weather: it's sunny and a lil chilly for texas today!
Website(s): mostly twitter (@imjurs) and linkedin (not sharing that). i also have instagram for the dogs (@pierogithepuppy) go follow them :D

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