piracy is a part of the free market

ok totally had to include that XD but i'm being serious it is don't believe me? let's take video viewing platforms as an example most of these right now you have to pay money to access the only exceptions being crunchyroll and funimation (although funimation is only a partial exception). so pirating sites have to sustain their existence right? how do you think they do that? it's simple ads any pirating website you go to you will be watching ads and if you're not watching ads i'd leave that website as theres an encrypted data crawler on that page and the site sustains itself through selling data but defiantly the bigger pirating companies use ads and crunchyroll itself even started this way which is why it's still a free site with ads. hulu decided they wern't making enough money through subscriptions alone thus they included ads on their payed product this still makes netflix the supiorior streaming option if you're into more than just anime eventually though they're going to realize that they are losing viewers and money to these pirating websites what course of action do you think they'll take in response? well obviously drop the subscription model in favour for an ad model cuz if they just throw in ads on top of their subscription model they lose the grip they have over hulu so now people watching netflix are paying through ads rather than subscriptions and now hulu starts losing money to netflix as people begin supporting their favorate shows on netflix as an opposed to hulu cuz they'll be saving money by not having to buy a subscription so what does hulu then do in response to this simple they become a free platform but hold on now to get an edge up they offer subscriptions to remove ads netflix sees the move realizes it's prophetable and does the same now both platforms run the same way crunchyroll does and just becuase they had to compete with piracy we no longer have to pay to watch our favorite shows and don't have to worry about not supporting said shows becuse these platforms worked it all out in their efforts to fight against piracy. now this is what would happen in a free market but you may recall i said we don't have a free market and how do i know? simple cuz instead of coming up with solutions to make their product more appealing on their platform than stealing it these companies instead fight piracy by using the court system to shut these pirating websites down it's not just we don't have a free market it's we have an oligarchy these companies have a strangle hold on the market cuz they don't have to compete with the pirates they only have to compete with established companies which isn't much competition when they can just work together with said companies to price gouge netflix used to cost $5/month it's now $9/month hulu used to be $3/month+ads they're now $8/month+ads if hulu goes up this is legitimate reason for netflix to go up and so long as we have to pay for it theres nothing we can really do about it except find something else to do and not pay them at all but then you miss out on the shows on their platforms and thats what we've got now i would like to note btw i'm not condoning piracy but i am saying that it is necessary that it is possible and easy in a good free market

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“The easiest way to stop piracy is not by putting antipiracy technology to work. ... It's by giving those people a service that's better than what they're receiving from the pirates.” - Gabe Newell

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i fricking give up on the link, here's the URL.


or just google "Gabe Newell on piracy"
should be the first thing.

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in the future the code you want is a=href"link.com"
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