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survey! get 2 know me

1. Last place you were?
My room, lockdown is tuff
2. Place you wish you were right now? In the city shopping with my friends...
3. last thing you ate? biscuits and milk tea
4. Shoes you are wearing:
black converse high tops
5. mountains, beach, or meadow- where would you rather go: meadow!!! (of course coming from the twilight fan lol!)
6. Favorite animal: cats and bunnies
7. Favorite food: udon noodle soup
8. Favorite drink: milk tea
9. Hottest celebrity: hmmm...lucy liu
10. Favorite book: twilight new moon
11. Favorite movie: twilight
12. favorite xmas gift you have ever gotten: sony headphones
13. what happened this year that made you happy: going out to bday dinner with friends
14. where you live: australia
15. favorite candy:
sour patch kids (watermelon)
16. A fear: spiders!!! ick!
17. Another fear: the deep dark bits of the ocean
18. how rain makes you feel: happy :) i luv the rain
19.what you want for your birthday:
new perfume <3

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this is where i got this survey from and there are a bunch listed - if you wanna do a survey i would check out this link!!

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