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abt me !!!


im bunny, a pansexual trans demiboy that uses he/they pronouns !

i have an amazing gf that i am completely in love with

video games and music r my hobbies, and biggest comforts.

im currently obsessed with madness combat, its so good i love it so much ooajhsjjsks

my fav video games r :
kirby triple deluxe
kirby super star
friday night funkin
just shapes and beats
pico's school
identity v
doki doki literature club
mario galaxy
pokemon moon

my fav artists/bands r :
my chemical romance
the living tombstone
jack stauber
my bloody valentine
lemon demon
p!atd (i dont support brendon urie!!! i only liek the music!!!)
simon curtis
good with grenades
miki matsubara
the used
the killers
arctic monkeys
green day
mother mother
jack off jill

im also trying to get into vkei so pls recommend some bands !!!!

i am mentally ill, im diagnosed with depression and anxiety.
im also neurodivergent, i have add
cringe culture is dead!!!! i love fanfictions and ocs for diff fandoms!!!!!!!

theres not really that much else to me, i hope this helped u get to know me better !! ^^

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