New Poem: America Needs to Do Better

America Needs to Do Better

O say you can see 

That America 

You Need 

To Do Better

Five words of admonishment

Have never quite rung so true

At this point except for the first letter in each line

You don’t deserve the dignity of capital letters

Can’t you see that your children all cry for justice? 

It doesn’t matter what color someone is

No one deserves to be a lesser

More than any other 

Any gender every gender

Or no gender at all

Do you even realize

That the spaces in between

Matter just as much

Beyond your so-called binary?

Lady liberty hangs her head in shame

The new colossus does not see

That its torchfire has gone out 

The rainbow itself is a spectrum of science

A multifaceted prism that you see many colors in

Weaving a magnificent technicolor tapestry 

Not a single one that is placed above the others

But taken as a whole 

Where are you from?

But no, where are you really from?

Why can’t the motherland be

A nation of immigrants?

These microaggressions cannot stand

And should not be allowed to

Racism, bigotry, brutality, xenophobia 

Do you want these notions to be your heirs?

America, you must do right by

Every citizen not just those with the most means

We’re still in a global pandemic for Christ’s sake

Love your neighbor as yourself

Don’t you know what that means? 

The rich get richer

While the poor just keep dying

And everyone else struggles no matter

The size of their household

Or bank accounts or asset holdings

Do you think a virus cares where you came from?

It doesn’t discriminate when it sends us all into the ground

Do not stand at my grave and weep

For i am already vaccinated 

Weep instead for those

Who refuse for one reason or another

Whether they deny the reality of all this 

Hopefully they’ll be okay 

Look i’m not trying to get political

This isn’t the right forum

But when the pledge says

Justice for all 

It should mean justice for all

And not just some

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Byronic Hero

Byronic Hero's profile picture

Y’all are making me emotional at 8 in the morning 🥺

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frogteeth64's profile picture

wonderful poem! it always amazes me how people can so well convey ideas through art

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↜moth↝'s profile picture

I adore this. 🖤

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by Byronic Hero; ; Report


Eliott's profile picture

"Do not stand at my grave and weep/ For I am already vaccinated" is absolutely note-perfect

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How do you think I should present this?

by Byronic Hero; ; Report

Relish Ubiquitous

Relish Ubiquitous's profile picture

Awesome! Great writing

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What emotions does it stir in you? Otherwise, poetry falls flat.

by Byronic Hero; ; Report

Hard to explain. I look at words and generate feelings that border on indescribable sometimes. "The spaces in between"

by Relish Ubiquitous; ; Report

I recorded it on my daily video series yesterday, go and check it out!

by Byronic Hero; ; Report

Jack Raven

Jack Raven's profile picture

Absolutely brilliant, my friend. What a work of art

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by Byronic Hero; ; Report


✧*̣̩⋆̩☽⋆Indie✧*̣̩⋆̩☽⋆'s profile picture

I- I have no words. Seriously. This is amazing!

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I’ve been thinking about this sort of thing pretty much all weekend. The title comes from something my mother in law said yesterday. It struck the last spark of inspiration I needed.

by Byronic Hero; ; Report

Well it turned out beautifully. You put into words what were all thinking in a poetic way no less

by ✧*̣̩⋆̩☽⋆Indie✧*̣̩⋆̩☽⋆; ; Report

I just hope I don’t tear up if I read it for my next vid. GlamCat suggested it!

by Byronic Hero; ; Report

Ooo can't wait to see!

by ✧*̣̩⋆̩☽⋆Indie✧*̣̩⋆̩☽⋆; ; Report

I just hope I can read it without getting choked up.

by Byronic Hero; ; Report

Even if you do, emotion shows that you truly care about what you wrote. I love when people show emotion. One time I read a poem in poetry club and got choked up so much that I couldn't continue reading for 10 minutes straight. Everyone was comforting me saying it's okay you're doing great what you're reading is beautiful etc. Such a beautiful experience

by ✧*̣̩⋆̩☽⋆Indie✧*̣̩⋆̩☽⋆; ; Report

That is amazingly heartwarming!

by Byronic Hero; ; Report

It really was even though I was so embarrassed

by ✧*̣̩⋆̩☽⋆Indie✧*̣̩⋆̩☽⋆; ; Report

Would you be so kind as to read my other blog entries?

by Byronic Hero; ; Report


xXLil4cLuXx's profile picture

Kudos for ya 👏

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Thank youuu

by Byronic Hero; ; Report

Ze the Bard Space-Witch of Hey (Noiram Zero)

Ze the Bard Space-Witch o...'s profile picture

You made it better

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by Byronic Hero; ; Report

Shadow Bliss

Shadow Bliss's profile picture

I like it and agree with the poem.

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That means a lot. Thanks!

by Byronic Hero; ; Report


Mizmo's profile picture

A very moving poem. Great poetry.

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by Byronic Hero; ; Report

GlamCat 🖤

GlamCat 🖤's profile picture

👏👏👏 I was just reading today where Bill Cosby got let out on a technicality, and I'm thinking: 60 women bravely came forward and got nothing in return.

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For real????????

by Byronic Hero; ; Report

Yeah, he's out of prison...

by GlamCat 🖤; ; Report

That is an atrocity!!!!

by Byronic Hero; ; Report

Disgusting. I wish our prison system and court system wasn't so jacked

by ✧*̣̩⋆̩☽⋆Indie✧*̣̩⋆̩☽⋆; ; Report

So very much agreed.

by Byronic Hero; ; Report