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Layout Spamming and leL's

    Ok so I just posted a new layout and.... uhh?? What's up with all these people making extremely low-effort layouts (Which I'm just gonna call leL's) like a a repeating background where the only change is a different image?

    These people claim the layouts are "requests" which sounds just sad tbh... these poor folks don't know css so they think that they actually need to request something as simple as a repeating background.

    What's really annoying about it is the fact that these people tag their posts with their usernames, so now there's a bunch of usernames filling up the "Popular Tags" section... and when you click on them, you get a bunch of ugly, leL's. This isn't to say these accounts are bad at coding or layout design, it's just that no one could make 300+ layouts and have a majority of them be good. Especially considering these are usually "requests".

    I dunno if I'm being salty, but I think that maybe these kinds of posts should be removed. They discourage people actually learning css and using it to express themselves which is what SpaceHey is about, right? Plus, these leL's are filling up the tags so actually popular tags are being drowned in the flood of leL makers.

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I don't think we should ever delete low effort or low quality user submitted content in a code sharing forum like this. Mainly because the choice to delete or not would involve a value judgement that could never be objective enough to satisfy.

Instead, tags and layouts should have sort options. These could be sort by popularity, number of downloads (or copies, if SH has any way of saving this information), date uploaded (old to new & new to old), etc.


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I almost agree, I do think we need a better sorting option, but there are people who just spam "layouts" that aren't anything except for different backgrounds. All they do is change the link in the standard fixed tiled background CSS and post it a million times. It's annoying as hell to sift through and IMO, are just spam.

They don't encourage coding improvement from anyone; not the creators or the people who use them. They aren't useful since most people on here know how to make a background, and if they don't, there's dozens of resources on the site giving copy and paste code that tells you where to put the URL to your image and everything.

I'm pretty sure someone wouldn't be offended by being told that their code which consists of solely changing a background image is too low effort to be posted repeatedly with different variations. And if they were, that's their problem. It's spam. It's useless clutter that takes attention away from people who have amazing layouts. I noticed there are some super cool OS themed layouts that I've never seen cus my front page is filled to the brim with these leL's.

I like your sorting idea, but it won't fix the fact that no matter how many filters you put up, you'll still end up with spam leL's because there's no restrictions on what's a "layout".

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Sounds like there should be classes and subclasses of layouts. If any layouts are essentially reskinned clones or copis of other layouts, then they should all belong to a single "class" of layouts, with classes and subclasses separately searchable.

Whether or not layout makers would respect this system and keep their layouts in their proper class or subclass would have to be seen. Not sure how else to get around this at the moment.

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