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Has anyone played Roblox before, and if so, have you played it around 2010 or before that time period? It breaks my heart to see what it has become. I remember back in the day, the game wasn't so money centric, and there wasn't a massive influx of ERPers. I can remember the time the downwards spiral started, which was around 2011. I think it was when the new script update was released, and it broke one of the most radical tools in the entire game: The insert tool.

You could basically take a model from the catalogue and insert it into any game that allowed the use of the insert tool. The unfortunate part was the update basically destroyed it, and from 2011 onwards, Roblox would proceed to make some ridiculous decisions that drove its old players away.
I remember when shirts only costed 2-10 tix and 1-2 robux. At some point, they decided to hike up the price floor to ridiculous levels and make it to where a shirt would cost 150-200 tix and 5-10 robux. Why? Why would I want to blow that much ingame cash on what is basically a picture on my character? lol. They then proceeded to start rolling out Builder's Club exclusive games and the like, which was them trying to push player into spending money on the game. 
The final nail in the coffin for the old days that I can remember had to be when the co-founder died. It was around that time that Roblox would transform completely, and at some point years later, tix were completely eliminated. At this rate, you had to fork over your own money just to get ingame currency.

That is one thing I miss about the old internet: Games not being money hungry

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i agree that roblox has become a money hungry company but you gotta admit some of the graphics on the newer games rival that of private release video games for xbox n stuff. its amazing to see how far roblox has come!

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