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Facebook and Social Media

As we can all agree that Facebook sucks, we also know that it has become more and more restrictive, and practically vapid (hope that's the proper word). I kid you not. People are being "thrown into Facebook jails" for things they may have posted years ago or locked out their accounts if they (god forbid) violate Facebook's precious "community standards." Let's not forget the data selling. There are many things wrong with the site I could go into about, but I'm lazy and not very good with essay writing. 

Facebook used to be THAT site that pulled us away from Myspace. And now it's THAT site we come to loathe with a burning passion. Even I can't stand Facebook's infamous "community standards." The same "standards" that allowed the real troublemakers to get away with practically everything that violates even the constitution. Why have these standards? They don't do anything but throw my friends and other "friends" in Facebook Jail for even having the right to protest and stand up for marginalized groups. Even I have landed myself in jail for a comment (that was practically telling truth and telling off a cyberbully). And I'm currently restricted in Instagram for excessing unfollowing...Just trying to clean up my timeline. Why the restriction?

Social media, in general, is becoming a cesspool for the welcoming of toxic behaviors and  actions (i.e. ghosting, unsolicited nudes, excusing of rape and predatorial cultures, etc.) To think we knew the differences between what's right and what's wrong in growing up. Society is so warped, "community standards" that Facebook implements allowed such behaviors (and pissants) to fester and putrefy the entire planet so bad that I wanted that meteor that flew passed us to make a U-turn. 

I know this looks like I'm just complaining, but I have a right to criticize. This website is practically a menace with its restrictions and algorithms. I would delete my Facebook, but then my family would wonder what's wrong. *Sigh* Everyday I want to disappear and take a break, but like any other nosy human, I gotta know what's going on with the world. Then I found this site, Spacehey, and all is good. Slowly but surely, when this site picks up more people, maybe just maybe, I can tell Zuckf*ck to go f*ck himself and leave that horrible site. But for now, I'll live.

*exhales* my first real blog. wow

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