Join others who miss the way the internet was in the 90s/00s and help make the web a better place!

At the end of February, I created a community for people who miss how the internet used to be, before Facebook/Twitter/Instagram took over and before Google search vastly decreased in quantity. I even wrote a manifesto about why we should care about the way the web is changing.

The community exists on Discord, which, if you aren't familiar with it, is basically the AIM/MSN alternative of 2021. It is primarily 18+ but younger folks can join - we're pretty strict about shitposting though, only to keep the server focused on serious discussion.

The main topics we discuss here are:
  • personal website building
  • internet-related discussion
  • nostalgia of the 90s/00s
  • social media alternatives
  • sharing cool/interesting website links
  • internet archival / data hoarding
We are also working on a Digital Zine, which is basically an online magazine of writing & art. The first issue is still accepting submissions, and the theme of the first issue is "The personal web still exists - the history, design aesthetics, personal stories, & why we miss the old net."

Feel free to join & participate, or just lurk.

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