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rant one

people need to stop putting themselves down as a whole. rant.

people will look at situations bothering them as a 'little thing' and tell yourself it 'doesn't matter' or whatever, but you realize it's still bothering you... and that MAKES IT MATTER!!! so why don't you tell them about it? is it cause you feel like it would be no use, they'd get mad, or that you're just being dramatic??

think about it, and realize that in all these situations you are the one person putting yourself down. Of course it's not that easy to just STOP overthinking, but more people need to realize that you're harming yourself in certain situations by putting yourself down. you don't need to stop as a whole, because that's practically impossible, we will always have our doubts, and sometimes that's important, but we should watch out for ourselves before our overthinking digs us into a deeper hole.

I know my overthinking has made situations worse, so please, take care of your mental self. Sit down and think about your thoughts, and think about your thoughts about other thoughts and take the time to see things from an outside perspective, because if you always disregard yourself while putting others on a 'flawless podium', or anything similar to it, you'll end up hurt. 

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