New drawing done by me

Hello everyone, decided today to do some art cuz it had been a while, I usually lack motivation even for the stuff I love like art, coloring, drawing, but pushed myself to at least do a little something, so here it is...
Its just a drawing done with colored pens, using that techique of doing scribbles at first and then trying to find shapes of stuff, its usually the easiest way of drawing something for me. I only had the purpose of getting back into drawing, even if its a simple thing.

I hope you liked it ˄˄

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WOW, IT LOOKS SO GOOD@.@ I wish I could color like that((

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thank u! Attempt it, the trick in art is to enjoy it, technique comes later

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Shadow Bliss

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Looks really good

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Thank u ^^

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I like it too! Love the colors!

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thank u

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Byronic Hero

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I do like it! I keep a sketchbook where I basically connect the dots to make random geometric shapes. Then I fill them in with different colors just to see how they turn out. I try to avoid having the same two colors touch, so instead of yellow-yellow-blue, it would be yellow-blue-yellow, ya know? It's v calming.

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right I try to do the same thing about colors and I try to balance the shades on how much cool or warm colors I want in a certain place

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