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ok so like i was just thinking about why i should b president and honestly there are a lot of reasons:

firstly i would introduce a better welfare state where everyone would get paid for being hot. 

secondly our passports wud b pink nd sparkly

no more guns the only guns r the ones that shoot glitter or cash 

our national anthem will be reimagined nd sung by doja cat 

cheaters would have to pay a fine and pay reparations to all those decieved 

credit score doesn’t exist duh

no more homelessness lol 

weed is legal 

i am expeditiously gay nd brown with divergent neurons so nuff said

ladies and gentlemen will no longer b a phrase. you will be addressed as gherkins. no further comments on this.

immigration isn’t even real like if u think about it the world is jus the world like it’s not that deep it’s just land why can’t we just travel without making a big deal 

pls i’m fixing skl like who in their right mind let’s a pothead 15 year old choose what they wanna do for the rest of their life 

inflation is fake

pretty currency notes

let’s vote for me even tho i’m not american so technically i’d be prime minister of the uk but why can’t i b both honestly again citizenship is a social construct just like time 🤚🏽🤚🏽

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Hubert Antonio Domveenick

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These sounds nice.
Remember Dogs and Cats cannot have weed.
You have great ideas.

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they can have catnip… i mean do dogs have their own version of catnip? if they don’t that’s just cruel

by Mya ; ; Report

there is no Dognip not yet!

by Hubert Antonio Domveenick; ; Report


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the passport one is literally bae

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nd we will b allowed to pose in our passport photos so they’re not ugly

by Mya ; ; Report


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WHEN R THE ELECTIONS ive got my votes ready🙌🙌

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i’ll let u know once i figure that out

by Mya ; ; Report


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inflation is fake ;-; more for less i gotchu guns that shoot glitter tho>>>

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inflation is a social construct ✨

by Mya ; ; Report

inflation is maths :?

by Zenning; ; Report

maths isn’t even real

by Mya ; ; Report

damn fr?

by Zenning; ; Report

yeah it’s all an illusion we’re living in a matrix ✨

by Mya ; ; Report

damn i wonder what we would look like if we were in a simulation

by Zenning; ; Report


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Had me at pink passport. That’s such a cute idea. 💞

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pink is the best tbh

by Mya ; ; Report


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ily more .

by Mya ; ; Report