what's your favorite monster energy flavor?
never had monster lol

what's you mbti?
intp-t (I think)

how many stuffed animals live in your bed?
4 lmao

do you like gore?
depends but its fine most of the time

do you like math?
I used to love it but its fine now igggg

what's your favorite subject in school?
geography, Spanish or like science or smthing

how many people are you friends with irl?

do you like sitting on the floor?

what's your favorite tv show?
idkkkkk I love what we do in the shadows and the umbrella academy (if that counts lol)

what size bed do you have?
twin I think

what is your favorite movie?
sing street gfnbsjbk

do you like carpets?

do you have posters in your room?

have you made or repaired any of your own clothes?

what clubs do you participate in in school?
sometimes I go to the lgbtq club but none other

do you have any weird typing quirks?
I normally put more letters at the end of the last word in a sentence to make it seem less serious bc tone is usually lost in my messages lmaoooo

how do you have your hands when you're walking?
in pockets 24/7 lmao

do you walk fast?
sometimes but it depends who im with

do you like organizing things?
I like organised things but I hate organising

do you have any weird crafty hobbies?
kandi and knitting

what is your favorite color?
red or neon pink !!

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