This morning I decided to watch HEAVY METAL  [based on the adult sci-fi and fantasy magazine of 1977 of the same name] which is an adult animated sci-fi anthology film. The animation was great [despite a few minor coloring errors in some frames] especially the introduction sequence. The stories were also funny and intriguing. The only thing I disliked about the film was how the female characters were depicted. Most of the female characters seen on screen [excluding the little girl] were always depicted naked at least once or seen as some type of prize, or having sex with the main male characters as a “reward” for “saving them”. Even in the last story of the film the main female character in the story was seen through the male gaze. Yeah yeah yeah I get it it’s the 80s and teenage boys and men are horny or whatever and it’s supposed to be a badass movie with the target demographic being males 16 to probably 25 but there’s more to life than sex and tits [ I think the director/animator is a tits man based on some of the scenes lol].

Overall I give this film a 10/10 despite some of the parts not aging well [and the soundtrack was great].

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