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my pronouns n how to use them !!

this is just gonna b a quick guide on what my pronouns r and how to use them as the title says :]


he/him - he/him is pretty obvious, its just regular pronouns but ill still provide examples!!
he is cool, i asked him if i could borrow his pencil, he told me the drawing is his, he made it himself

it/its - again, pretty obvious, you just use them like regular it/its pronouns :]

it is cool, i asked it if i could borrow its pencil, it told me the drawing is its, it made it itself

exe/exes - pronounced ee-ex-ee or ex, both are fine :D

exe is cool, i asked exe if i could borrows exes pencil, exe told me the drawing is exes, exe made it exeself

bot/bots - like the short version or robot !! 

bot is cool, i asked bot if i could borrow bots pencil, bot told me the drawing is bots, bot made it botself

pup/pups - just pronounced how it looks lol

pup is cool, i asked pup if i could borrow pups pencil, pup told me the drawing is pups, pup made it pupself

ram/rams- like the album by daft punk!!

ram is cool, i asked ram if i could borrow rams pencil, ram told me the drawing is ramsram made it ramself

i hope this made sense and feel free to comment if u have any questions !!

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thanks for explaining these; i'm always making odd gramatical errors when it comes to neopronouns.

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:D im glad it was helpful!!

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