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stolen survey from u probably know who

if you had to have a frozen pizza what brand would it be and what toppings would you choose?
red baron cuz thats the only one my parents buy

if you were a genre what would you be? (doesn't have to exist already)
im not sure

if you were a musical instrument what would you be?
uhh maybe drums? idk 

why are you so depressed all the time?
im not depressed just tired 

what do you wish you could make money doing?
taking care of animals

do you have energy to do hobbies after work or does it destroy you?
im not sure yet, ill update this in the summer when i start my first job

at what age(s) would you say you had the best time of your life?
3rd to 5th grade

what is your first thought when you wake up in the morning?
i have to do spanish hw today

if you could choose 5 people to live on a commune with who would it be?
my bf, my friends lil, shell, reese, and i cant think of another one rn

what is your favorite video game to play online with friends?
minecraft or roblox

what is your favorite video game to play alone?
genshin impact

what phone game would you recommend someone plays?
genshin (ik the fandom is bad), and cookie run

do you use exploits in games to get ahead or do you keep it legit?
im too stupid to understand how to exploit so i play fair

do you spend money on in-game currency?

what is your most memorable concert experience?
never been to a concert, wanna go to one tho

what would be your ideal line-up for a show? (3 artists only)
japanese music wise: probably just vocaloid songs lol. but english music wise probably foo fighters, red hot chilli peppers, and smashing pumpkins

top 3 favorite places to visit?
anywhere with my bf rly, garden city, south carolina, and any animal rescue center (its fun to see the animals and how they saved them)

what would your last meal be if you were to receive the death sentence today?
2 steaks, 3 servings of pasta, 2 bowls of spicy ramen, and at the end a pint of chocolate ice cream,  and to drink a gallon of walmart brand iced tea

what puts you in a bad mood no matter what every time it happens?
probably getting yelled at for no reason, and not given any respect :/

what puts you in a good mood no matter what every time it happens?
facetiming my bf, being with friends, and eating

do you talk shit to other drivers even though they cant hear you?
cant drive yet but ill probably talk shit abt other drivers

would you rather live in a place with public transit only, or have to drive everywhere?
drive so i can be alone and listen to whatever i want

if you were a video game character from Nintendo who would you be?
im not sure

when is the last time you talked to your parents or siblings?
this morning

when covid is officially done and we can come out to play, where will you go first?
uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im not sure yet

pick a comedian you like that IS NOT an edge lord
dont watch comedians

someone is in your face about to beat your ass for looking at them wrong, what do you do?
kick their balls/vag and while theyre down punch their nose

do you like to prank people?

have you ever participated in egging and toilet papering houses?

have you ever been a victim of the above question and had to clean it up?

what (is) your favorite subject in high school?
TAM (magent program) or gov

what's one thing you wish you could change about yourself?
what my body looks like or what my face looks like

what's stopping you from changing?
myself because i dont want my parents to question why im changing

have you ever lied about your age?

did you ever acquire a fake ID? what did you use it for? did you get away with it?

are you more of a cat or dog person?
i like both equally

would you rather be too hot or too cold?
cold cuz its easier to get warm 

alcoholic beverage of choice?
im not drinking age but ive had a sip of peach whiskey and its pretty good

if you smoke weed, what device do you enjoy using most to do so?
dont plan on smoking weed

are you relieved that this survey is done or did you have fun?


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