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these curveys are so fun to do

What’s your favorite piece of jewelry?
i dont rly wear jewelry but probably this bracelet i got from my dd and brother for christmas b/c u can track a polar bear with it :D

Something you miss from high school?
im in high school rn so idk yet
What do you prefer to drink in the morning?
iced tea or water on weekdays and chocolate milk on weekends

What’s your favorite meal? breakfast, definitely!
dinner :D

Favorite hobby?
drawing and taking care of animals :D
Name a trait that you hate about yourself?
probably how i always worry abt what i look like and that im not good enough 
Middle name?
it starts with an M and its not mary or marie

Name 3 thoughts at this moment:
i have 2 bio hw things i need to do, im hungry, and im wanna go home

How did you bring in New Years? 
i at food i think
Favorite place to go? 
my room, parks, zoos, any place that's calm, fun, but also kind of busy if that makes sense

Last thing you ate? 
cheesy hot dogs from last night 
Introvert or extrovert?
im more of an ambivert, im loud and open around friends but in ublic or by myself i dont like talking to anyone
What color shirt are you wearing? 
pink and white (sweater)

Favorite color? 
orange and green
Favorite girl’s name? 
idk :/

Favorite boy’s name? 
idk either 
How many TVs are in your house?
uhh 5 (one in my, my brothers, and my parents rooms, one in living room, and one in basement)
What is your worst habit?
chewing my nails, and doing everything last minute
How many pets do you have?
6, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 2 fish
What is your favorite candy? 
chocolate, rn favorite candy bar is baby ruths 

What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up this morning?
i dont wanna do this same routine over and over again anymore

Last song you listened to: 
uhh dogdog by abuse (japanese music)

Something someone might not know about you?
jen, and other personal ones that im not sharing lol

Do you like hot-dogs? 
i like the ones filled with cheese,,,, no bun tho just the hot dog

What is your love language?
im not sure probably touching in private and bonding moments

Do you believe everything happens for a reason? 

Do you usually initiate hugs? 
idk i dont rly pay attention to that
What do you believe we as human beings take most for granted in this world? 
probably that we have homes/shelter and dont have to worry about other animals eating up 24/7

Favorite month and why? 
march cuz bday and i like the weather

How many jobs have you had? List them.  
im going to start my first job in the summer but ive volunteered at a lot of places

Have you ever met anyone famous? Pics? 
does micheal phelps mom count

Alcoholic beverage of choice?
cant drink yet

What’s your favorite love movie? 
i dont watch love movies, they give me a lot of second hand embarrassment,,

What is an unpopular opinion you have? 
idk lol

Three things you don’t like that most people do? 
Your favourite birthday?
my 10th bday when i went to new york city for the first time 
Favorite dessert?
chocolate ice cream :D

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