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The Cyber Depression

The Cyber Depression theory

We are entering into a new era in the world's history. After the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis everything changed. Millions of jobs have been lost putting us in an economic crisis we haven't seen the likes of since the great depression. If you look at the terms cyber space, cyber security, cyber shopping and then look at the term cyber punk you will see a pattern forming. 

   The internet and machines are beginning to do more jobs for us as a society as our population continues to grow. Eliminating the need for jobs despite the fact that as a society we have been founded on income earned from labor. There are now less necessary jobs available than there are people. It's a fact that our society is having trouble dealing with.

     History has a tendency to repeat itself but never in the exact same way. During the industrial age higher demand for products from a higher population meant higher demand for labor creating more jobs. The Cyber Depression theory takes that and flips it upside down creating a modern depression. As machines do more labor for us it creates less demand for jobs despite population growth creating more demand for products. Every time you use a self checkout at the store or order something online you are removing once necessary jobs despite population growth. 

    Now let's observe the universal law of cause and effect. Because machines and the internet are now performing more jobs for us despite population growth it is eventually going to effect our society and economy and create a modern depression. Covid-19 seems to be serving as a catalyst to this situation. I know we as a people and society are in denial in the face of a depression. Saying we will bounce back it's only a recession or it will get better after Covid-19 is figured out, but that doesn't make it so. The Cyber Depression theory tells us that this trend of population growth while having less and less jobs available will continue despite our denial.

    What does this mean? Well something is going to have to be done to make sure the populations needs are met despite the fact that there are not enough jobs to expect people to work in order to pay the bills. This is a problem we are going to have to face during this new Cyber Depression we are now entering. Although it's considered a theory for now and our society is in denial. The history books or more likely in the future history data base will probably tell a different story than what we are in denial about living in. Which will likely be refered to as some kind of social and economic depression.

       The Cyber Depression is obviously not going to look like what we refer to as the great depression. We live in a more modern society with technology and the internet. Of course we are not viewing ourselves as living in the dark ages. However That doesn't mean that we as a society are not facing a more modern depression.  To coin a phrase The Cyber Depression.

575,000 pay at pumps eliminating many jobs at gas stations

Estimated 1.2 million self checkouts by 2025 eliminating two to three times that number in jobs and that is a small estimate

Fuel efficient cars eliminating the needs for so much gas thus eliminating even more jobs

ATMs with denomination choices and credit and debit cards eliminating the need for bank tellers

Online ordering at pizza restaurants eliminating the need for someone to answer phones

Online shopping eliminating the need for most retail stores

Machines in factories doing labor that was once manual eliminating the need for many factory jobs. These factories are called automated lights out factories.

Processed factory produced foods in grocery stores with self checkout eliminating the need for many restaurant and clerk jobs in general

And it gets worse when someone files for unemployment benefits they are generally told to do it online eliminating the need for workers in the unemployment office itself.

There's even a such thing as robotics in policing now. Eliminating the need for many police.

Drones eliminating the need for many military missions to be manned missions.

This sounds like the stuff of science fiction but it's really happening right under our noses.

These are the facts in The Cyber Depression and in the future this trend may and probably will continue.

So how are we supposed to function as a society now? With so many people and less and less need for jobs.

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Pretty accurate.

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