There is literally no reason to churn out extremely good content such as this, and I'm sure other ritualistic bloggers are feeling similarly.

If you are subscribed to blogs and are genuinely interested in the content that they're bringing to you - do what you can and support the creator. Its a no brainer, they'll get the subtle endorphin rush of knowing that you're patronizing their content and you'll get the satisfaction of knowing that you really helped.


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is that???? not a thing people usually do??????? i literally just check the blog section all the time and usually always go for the 2 kudos option.. and even talk if i'm feelin confident.. but usually i just ghost around and give kudos.. it's fun.. makes me happy..

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I am staggered by how many blogs go vastly unnoticed. I suppose that also applies to basically everything though:

Out of every banger of a song you find, you've missed a thousand. For every liked TikTok you've missed a thousand.. exposure to content you like is KEY to the content economy.

by Yesh MeLord [vTUBER]; ; Report

yeah.. it sucks tbh!! i wish it was easier to be able to give attention to good stuff,,,,
me n u are the only people feeding the blog kudos economy rn

by lua; ; Report