The Old Internet, and why I like this site

Hey guys. Just spilling out my feelings real quick. I remember finding this site on an imageboard in the past, and before I cam here, I would regular imageboards aside from the usual big name online sites. I think web centralization is what started to kill my love for the internet, especially since apps like discord now want you to put in your phone number to verify that you exist. The fact that it has come down to this scares me. I like how on this site you can keep an anonymous identity, and you don't have to verify your existence with IRL information. I remember a rule of the internet that used to be "Dont link irl to online", but that doesn't apply anymore. I'm happy to meet you guys!!!

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N8 The Wise

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True, really.

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same here !!

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Ze the Bard Space-Witch of Hey (Noiram Zero)

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Wait I just got discord w/o a phone
Centralized sites are overrated honestly I want options

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River Syn

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This honestly puts something into words that I wasn't able to.

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