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don't shoot the messenger

tribalism is at an all time high. well, i don't support any side. f*ck them they're both bad. republicans are authoritarian as f*ck and so are the democrats. i don't give a fuck about your politics i care about conserving freedom for all people. this is why i don't fly any lives matter groups flags this is why i oppose some of your beloved politicians while supporting others. i am not left i am not right i am not republican i am not democrat. the party that closest matches my ideology is the gold (libertarian) party and i have no problem voting against them when they don't represent my views either. something republicans and democrats don't have the balls to do. vote against their party and to vote for their interest instead. until the tribalism drops no one is going to be in office who makes real progress. republicans are the establishment. democrats are the establishment. only those against these parties have the right to call themselves anti-establishment because we are fighting those who have a strangle hold on power to make the changes they never will.

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