don't go unnoticed


I get that its hard to constantly create - just getting from start to finish on a project is tough and requires a lot of follow though just to complete.

But whynot take one teensy little additional step to make sure that your work gets in front of those who would properly appreciate!!

Try to make sure that your art, your music, your drawing, your clothes, your streams, your passion isn't extinguished by nobody knowing about it!


Share it as much as you can, as often as you can handle. If you feel like you haven't posted your work in enough places - MAKE NEW PLACES. Create a Spacehey group, make a Discord, create an account on a relevant message board, send an e-mail to your old roomate or something!

The point here is that every artist struggles with, and that is exposure. They can never find enough exposure, and learn the hard way that EVERY possible change to get exposed, is a welcome one.

I would be 100% impressed if you posted your links HERE

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