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Hey Gang, did you miss me?

Hey everyone! Tristan Fox here. I changed my name on here to match the rest of my social media (GothTaku). Also I felt bad for stealing Andy's old username... so you know, if Andy Biersack ever reads this you can have DarkFatherIHaveSinned back. AK3 for life! Anyways...

As a lot of you guys are probably aware I've been fighting with some serious health problems as of the past year. I had to distance myself from a lot of stuff but I really missed expressing myself and being interactive so I've been working on a comeback.

1.) I'll return to making content on ALL channels. New main channel content, new vlogs, and new gaming content.

2.) I'm working on new types of content for those channels, for instance the main channel is going to have a lot more live action stuff related to scene/emo/mall-goth culture (and other things ranging from goth/deathrock to metal). Discussions, reviews, tutorials, etc. It's something I really have been passionate about for a long time but I needed the distance for my heart to grow fonder, you know?

3.) I'm working on a new wig (which I might make a tutorial for in case anybody wants to know how to customize an epic scene/emo wig). A big part of being GothTaku as a persona is the look, it's a part of the persona and I want to keep that dimension to it as much as I can. 

4.) I have an exciting project I'm bringing back from the dead. I don't want to spoil much but let's just say RPG Maker has something to do with it.

That's about it for now. I can't guarantee a specific time frame for this but I wanna say I'm not dead, I am recovering and I hope to bring some smiles to everyone's faces!

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