Have you heard the Good News? No, not about Jesus. I mean the scientific research about fixing your nutritional deficiencies to fight depression and anxiety, and to make more serotonin. Kant and Camus only had a part of the answer, they weren't nutritionists. Maybe they had a more balanced diet than I do, also. I do the autism-samefoods stuff where I eat nothing but brussels sprouts for an entire day.

So, why am I in such a good mood? Nothing much has changed in the past few weeks. Still sick, still poor, still nuts. But I have been sleeping all night instead of all day, taking daily walks, supplementing magnesium and other minerals and vitamins (my endo prescribed me Vit D), writing every day, limiting time looking at social media newsfeeds (I still shitpost because I'm a legendary shitposter and full of words., limiting my time talking to people online because being at the computer gives me anxiety. Better to go outside and look at trees and talk to myself instead; I'm my favorite conversational partner.

Some case studies have shown rapid recovery from severe depression within a week or so from magnesium supplementation, but that assumes you were deficient in the first place. I don't have all the answers, either; just spreading the good news of science.

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