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first blog kinda get to know me ^^;;;

this was made by demolition_boi :)

1: What is your favorite flavor of juice?
hmm,,,, probably tropical >>
2: Opinion on toe socks?
ive never seen them (・・;)ゞ
3: Lets say you are walking on a dark street alone and someone tries to stab you to death. What would you do ?
4: What is your favorite monkey?
personal fav are the tufted capuchin :D
5: If you could tickle the beard of any historical figure, who would it be?
kfc man
6: What's the weirdest thing you've found in someone else's luggage?
not rly anything!!! i dont go thru peoples bags ( ̄  ̄|||)
7: Why do you still abide by the tethers of time?
who said i do Σ(O_O)
8: Do you hate the movie happy feet? And why do you think its the worst movie of all time?
it was a pretty bad movie i agree the writing was terrible and the songs were garbage >_> LOL

9: Would you like your funeral to be "Wild West Math Olympics" themed?
let there be a quiz and whoever wins gets all the 4 dollars in my will
10: How are you still alive?
12: Would you hit an elderly with a Ford Bronco if given the slight hint at a possible reward?
depends on the reward,,,, joking i would never hit an old person >:((
13: would you consider yourself a electric toothbrush enthusiast?
14: Have you ever had to fight the impulse to rip someone's jaw apart?
my own maybe (^_-)
15: what is your favorite color?
red    16: if you could go back in time and punch yourself in the balls, when would it be?
when i threw my pink unicorn bracelet into the lake because i was throwing rocks >:(((
17: last time you ate dog food?
NEVER my puppy needs all the food he can get!!!!!
18: have you ever tried to make a house out of turbo tax discs?
i have no idea what those r ,,,,,,,,,,,,
19: favorite type of vertebrae?

i like the thoracic one,,,
20: favorite instrument?
piano :]]
21: Would you survive a fall onto a barbed wire fence?
22: This quiz may contain allergens such as the following: EYE GREASE, PEANUTS, HYDROCHLORIDE, ETC. Be Cautions
23: How many people do you think will be at your funeral?
everybody i will invite the queen
24: Are you really sure about that?
25: Do you accept the terms and conditions?
yes,,,,,,,, depends,,,,,,,,,,,

sorry some of them r spaced i kept removing the whole question!!!! (-‸ლ)

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