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Cheat Days and Confidence Building!

Since I have to be on a strict diet with my whole kidney issues, I’ve tried to be super strict with everything I eat, from salmon, chicken, veggies, fruits and a lot of juices, I try my best to make sure I can have at least a couple cheat meals. Well, today I got some Chipotle and holy shit was it so tasty! I haven’t had beans or rice or even guac in what feels like forever, so it was so nice to actually be able to eat something from my past life (lol) I guess the one good thing from the diet other than the fact I’m alive, is also the fact I’ve lost quite a bit of weight and I feel more confident in myself for the first time in like 6 years! Seriously for the past 6 years I’ve just been so mentally drained and so negative whenever I look at myself in the mirror and it’s been so nice to actually feel like I’m good enough for myself. 

All in all, this month has been pretty good! Sure, I’ve had my days where I break down from the stress (mentally, physically and financially) but I always seem to pick myself back up. I’ve decided to start working for my GED, so when I get a new kidney and have to go back to my regular life, I’ll be able to do more with myself than UPS or Walmart, I need to branch out and be a better me and do something good for myself. I’ve always just not cared where I end up but after being in that hospital bed and being close to death, I realize I’ve taken myself and life for granted and I won’t do that again! Ima keep pushing my music, go get my GED go to college and maybe take off to a different place like I’ve always dreamed of. I want to live a life I won’t regret! 

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