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spacehey survey

1. how long have you been on Spacehey? 

6 months

2. how many friends do you have on Spacehey?

 170 i think

3. how many hours per day are you on spacehey?

two-three maybe? i just go on here when i'm bored in class 

4. What's your profile aesthetic?


5. how did you find out about spacehey?


6. what's your favorite thing about spacehey so far? 

bulletins are interesting to read

7. what don't you like about spacehey? 

ppl askng me to be their sugar baby. its annoying

8. do you plan on using spacehey in the future? 


9. Name me 5 people you made friends with on Spacehey?

none. i dont dm ppl much
10. Is Spacehey your go to social media?

nope, insta is

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