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intro survey

1. What's your name?


2. How old are you?


3. Favorite color?

neon Pink 

4. Are you scene or emo?


5. Were you ever into NeverShoutNever?


6. How many band posters do you have?

i dont have any band posters

7. Old Hot Topic or Modern Hot Topic?

old ofc

8. GIR, Gloomy Bear, Jack Skellington, or Hello Kitty?

hello kitty, ive loved her since i was 5 lol

9. Do you watch Invader Zim? If so, who is your favorite character?

i love invader zim, my fav is gir hes adorbs

10. Waffles or tacos?


11. Who would win: pirates or ninjas?

i have no idea

12. Have you played IMVU? Do you still? If so, tell us your username!

i used to in 6th grade, i havnt logged on since i was 12

13. Dear Maria or Check Yes, Juliet?

Dear Maria

14. Taking Back Sunday or Brand New?

neither tbh lol

15. Do you drink Monster? If so, favorite flavor?

i like the white one

16. Ever been to Warped Tour?


17. Ever Been to Taste of Chaos?


18. How long have you been emo/scene?

i wanted to be emo in 6th-early 7th grade (i was a creepypasta edgy kid lol) then i got into j fashion in late 7th- mid 8th and then i got back into emo and then became scene

19. How did you get into scene?

ambrehh on youtube, and imvu, and tumbler and amino

20. What was your first emo/scene band?

millonares and fall out boy

21. Who is your favorite band?

black veil brides, and dot dot curve, and nickasaur, adnd brokeNCYDE
tbh i cant relly decided XD any in my music sectioon is my fav

22. Favorite Song by favorite band?

kinfes and pens - bvb
like a pony - dot dot curve
xoxo - nickasaur
scene girlz - brokeNCYDE

23. Did you make Blingees?


24. Black Veil Brides, Asking Alexandria or Bring Me The Horizon?


25. Did you have a MySpace? What was your username?

nope T_T

26.Did you have AIM? What was your username?


27. Ronnie Radke or Craig Mabbitt Escape the Fate?


28. Did you ever go to a concert? If so, best show?

im not alowed (too expensive, also i dont rlly like big gatherings anyways)

29. Is Avril Lavigne dead?

no that theory is dumb tbh

30. Do you have any tattoos?


31. Any piercings?


32. Brokencyde or Dot Dot Curve?

both B)

33. Favorite Pokemon?

pikachu im not into pokemon since 5th grade tbh

34. Top 5 favorite songs?

this is hard omg....
1. xoxo- nickasaur
2. painted wh*** - milonares
3.fscene8 - the medic droid
4. lets go to the mall - scotty vainity
5. awesome as i wanna be - rainbowdash/rainbooms

35. POST YOUR MOST EMO/SCENE SELFIE (if you're comfortable!)

i cant, im on my school computer rn ill put it in the comments l8ter

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