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my initial thoughts about arma 3

this is just a straight copy from me yelling into an at-that-point empty discord server

just finished the first campaign mission of arma 3... gotta say, the sheer ineptitude that the greek soldiers are painted in is so accurate, it hurts. we had a guy staying at the second home of my land who was a greek soldier and almost became a commando (but instead came to america for uni) and he's so oblivious, and it's not just him. greek men are just so dumb, especially those that want to be soldiers.
also, quite glad to see that the map-reading classes i took in jrotc are coming in handy
okay, after a bit more playing, i now realise that this fictional island is actually supposed to be a fake cyprus... (whereabouts malta is) still all the same, though
i guess it's greek and italian tensions as opposed to greek and turk?
based on the little bit of italian on the seal of the nation (i think that that's what that was)

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arma 3

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if arma 3 was so good then where is arma 4?? chekov, atheistds

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