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Mx. Dinosaur (Poem)

Mx. Dinosaur
language is a dinosaur
no, it’s a snake that sheds its skin
I understand it better now
than I did when I misspoke
call me “Mx”
pronounce me “they”
there is something here
that wasn’t before 
when I look for definitions
I can always find them 
in Urban Dictionary

as the skin is shed and
the pulsing new flesh below
is now on display
doesn’t it make sense that
it says “X” on all its living parts?
words don’t use us to tell stories
we write ourselves into existence
with what we stitch together
into quilt square paragraphs and 
blankets made of histories

one more person complains
we’re changing sacred words
that have been in place since
time dawned and 
dinosaurs stomped the ground
but words are liquid 
we all are armed with water guns

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