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is saying that the music one made is low quality on purpose a cop-out, or can there be truth to that declaration?

i am quite a fan of decently, but not well, produced music. i really cannot enjoy well-produced music, as it all sounds a bit fake to me. and so when i record my music, i am not concerned with perfection. i slip up sometimes, and i like that. however, that also applies to the production (aka the mix) of the musics. my mixes are generally a bit rough around the edges. but is it because i do not have the skill? sometimes, quite honestly, yes. sometimes it is hard to find everything's pocket and the ideal sound for it, but for the most part not really, i think. i have released two albums thus far, first one was rough due to inexperience and ignorance, and the second one is for the most part pretty good. so, does that mean i should make my next one be cleaner and clearer than mr. clean's dome? i don't want to... 

i have made 6 songs that i really like the past few months, planning to split them into two releases soon. and both are rather rough. four of them, i recorded and produced in my shitty, echo-y dorm, the last two in my not quite as shitty room at home. i could re-record the first four better while i am here, but they are kinda charming as is. and i don't feel i need to prove my abilities considering the prior album's decentness, not to mention that they aren't noticeably bad to the average listener... or are those excuses i am making again?

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Jason what the fuck are you on about?

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listen man, i am going through a dilemma in creativity. :/

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I literally do not understand the words in front of my face. I know what each of them means individually, but they have been strung together in a fashion incomprehensible to me.

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basically, does letting the production of music be rough make me a not-so-good producer and caliming that i did it on purpose is a cop-out, or do i just do what i want the way i want and it is fine

by iason; ; Report

I don't think music production can be rough if it successfully meets your aesthetic goals.

by Fawkes; ; Report

that's deep

by iason; ; Report

I don't think so.

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