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Here's my quick review of Emmure's Speaker of the Dead

Quick story of how I became an Emmure fan: I was watching a streamer's clips on youtube and someone donated the song Smokey on their album Look at Yourself (My 2nd favorite album from their discography). My initial reaction was: "What the fucking fuckity of fuckness was that?" I decided to listen to the song then other on Look at Yourself and the rest is history.

I usually listen to Look at Yourself album while I'm cleaning my room, living room, kitchen and bathroom. This time I decided to listen to Speaker of the Dead, an album that is actually 10 years old as of now. Here's my quick review of it, track by track:

1. Children of Cybertron - decent opener but nothing too spectacular.
2. Area 64-66 - At first I didn't care much but after few more listens I was hooked. 
3. Dogs get put down - Same with Area 64-66.
4. Demons with Ryu - Surprised it's not a single cuz this bangs a lot. Catchy breakdowns, good screams, decent lyrics, one of the best songs on the album for sure.
5. Solar Flare Homicide - Another kick ass banger that is also one of the best songs on the album. I listen to this song a lot when I'm in mood for Emmure.
6. Euology of beats - Meh.
7. Bohemian Grove - A song where they use riffs rather than standard binary code breakdowns that made Emmure infamous, it is also one of the best songs on this album as well.
8 - This is usually associated with lead singer being electrocuted when they were performing on one of their live shows, but I have to say I like this one as well. 
9. Cries of Credo - Alright song but forgettable
10. Last Words to Rose - Pretty good song, I like how it's more on melodic side than heavy side.
11. A Voice From Below - I like the riff but other than that it's eh.
12. Drug Dealer Friend - AKA the song that has the line: "I wanna watch you suck his dick". It's decent, nothing spectacular tho.
13. My Name is Thanos - *insert bland infinity warfare and endgame reference*, oh and this song is meh,
14. Lights bring salvation - Meh as well.
15. Word Of Intulo - The infamous 00000 song, but I'd be lying if I didn't say that i headbanged while I was cleaning. The tone of the song is just so crunchy.

Final thoughts: Overall good album if you're an Emmure fan, but if not then skip this one.

But just like Supa hot fire said he's not a rapper, i'm not a professional music critic so yeah.

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