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A question for u

Hey everyoone! So this is my first blog entry here but I used to ask questions(kinda like ice breakers) in win93 myspace blogs to get to know people so I wanted to continue that here too.

Here's the question: If you had the opportunity to be immortal,would you take it?

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Nope, you'd see lots of people come and go and watching the earth change so much would be depressing

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I don't think being immortal is fun, like all my friends are gonna die before me -_-

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hmmm probs not :/ u wuld just grow tired n bored w life

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No. My reasoning [pretty lengthy] is that as humans, the thought of death makes us anxious. We'll most of us ig. Anyway, (I ask myself this question alot btw lmao) if I were immortal, thinking about the amount of time that I am alive would make me anxious. I would end up being alive till the end of time but, will I die at the end of time?? What happens when there is nothing left on earth?? Lmao just continue to float around in space? What if there is no end of time and its an eternity of nothing after the world ends? I feel like that question would eventually always end in more questions.

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assuming immortal means you cant die from things like hunger, yea probably. if i didnt need to eat of anything i wouldnt need to worry about doing good in school so i can get a good job to buy food and stuff. although id still need wifi, so im not sure.

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depends on if i was the only one immortal!! if i was the only person then id rather be mortal since loneliness sucks lolz

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Depends on the stakes, honestly? Like, immortal in the sense that you never die or immortal in the sense that you die when the universe dies? Are you susceptible to needing to breathe air/other human stuff?

Maybe if there's an end to it/a way out.

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Kaycee Breeck

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No I would not

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In like a awesome vampire kinda awesome yes that is a fantastic dream of mine

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t3r3zi !!!!

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I wouldn't, it would b3 t3rribl3 to hav3 3v3ryon3 you car3 about di3, and as soon was 3v3ryon3s gon3, th3n what? It would b3 t3rribl3 :[

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I would totally not want to be trapped in this body forever. I believe we're already immortal as far as our life force is concerned. Energy does not cease to exist, just transforms.. Ugh, I know there are philosophers out there that could explain it better than me...

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I totally understand ur right abt it good pointt

by scientist_axolotl; ; Report

Totally get this lolz !! Energy just doesn't recreate n thats probz why we live?? life is immortal, our minds just die and stuff !! ur body is an energy filled vessel for the soul ?? rene descartes i think therefore i am and stuff

we have thought, and thats what defines life ??

by Kingsly; ; Report


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such a hard choice, i dont waant to see all my loved ones dieyet im curious how the world can continue and how i can help others since death isn't a problem (ex: do dangerous jobs or donate organs, etc)

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I am surprising myself here but I think I would take it. I struggle with depression and usually my go to is definitely not living. However, I love doing nothing and just sitting in nothing. I like to admire the sky for hours, the water, grass paths. I don’t know what I would do but maybe it would give me more time to choose life. To get up and do something. Because I have done nothing and I don’t want to do anything. I hurt somewhere very deep inside in a way that just leaves me immobilized. Maybe knowing that it doesn’t matter and i don’t have to be responsible for this one life I own, would motivate me to get up every few centuries and switch my view up.

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oh please dont say that, ofc time is helpful in healing especially if ur saying things like u dont even wanna get out of ur bed or do anything then you gotta take some time for urself as much as u want ,but the one thing thats gonna change everything is you. life is already short so if you wanna make a change in your life start from here! I know it sounds like a bad motivation poster quote and when ur depressed you might even think that the only way out of this sittuation ur in is a miracle to happen like immortality or something but think abt it we should appreciate the life we have cuz this is the only thing that we have. And if you ever wanna talk about anything pls dont be shy I'll always listen!

by scientist_axolotl; ; Report

Thank you. I appreciate it. I promise I am fine and okay and in therapy!!! I am for sure on the up. I am the happiest I have been in forever. So I don’t see that changing. I see it improving. But I do crave a just still chill space. Where I can just be and exist.

by Animelovegnb; ; Report


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tbh idk who u are since i just found this while browsing blogs, but im still gonna answer anyway
i think i’d take it on certain conditions! if i stop aging at like 25 maybe so i dont have to live as a frail old man who’d faint if u breathed near him and if im also immune to injury/pain.
i think upon ppl finding out im immortal they’d try to murder me so i think being immune to injury would be needed
i’d take it mostly for the reason i might be famous for being immortal and also i get to photobomb pictures and be famous all throughout history for photobombing throughout the centuries

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hm, probably not because after a while it would get boring plus you can't make your loved ones immortal so they would die and you'd have to see all your friends go while being immortal you'd be the last one left and you'd have no one left

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Don't think it's worth watching all my friends die. I can get used to it but I would gradually lose my connection with others, or not because they last a long time. Yeah I would actually, especially if I didn't physically age.

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Suggestion for reading on immortality, don't worry it's entertaining fiction.
'Time Enough For Love' by Robert Heinlein is the life story of a 4,200 year old man, it's killer stuff. Starts in the far future and ends up at 1920's era Earth, just mind blowing. :)

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wow I'll try to read it thx for the reccomendarion!

by scientist_axolotl; ; Report


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Do I retain the ability to accumulate knowledge at the same rate, or will my ability to learn diminish over time as normal? More than anything I fear the senility and losing one's ability to keep up with the times that comes with age.

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Everything will stay the same-your appearence,memory,past knowledge,etc. I agree keeping up with times would be hard but eventually ur growing with the time in a way, the bad thing would be everyone u love would eventually die of old age :/

by scientist_axolotl; ; Report

I just remembered the snail story lol I should've asked that :D

by scientist_axolotl; ; Report

"I agree keeping up with times would be hard." I would rather die this second than live forever and not be on the ball with technology.

by Fawkes; ; Report


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Depends! Does my body still age and I end up a shriveled lizard? Then no!
Do I stay my age now, or can I pick a younger age?
All in all though, probably. :)

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no it would be to hard for me to keep up with the time in my life

by LISA black pink; ; Report