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Daily News with Fawkes.

I will henceforth be posting one strange news article, image, pdf, message from me, or other that I find per day (or less). You may notice that there are more articles than days I've been doing this. That's because I was doing this for friends on discord before myspace.

Do leave me submissions for anything you feel would fit well here. After two months of doing this,, I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel for links.

Please give a kudos (or two) and make sure to come back tomorrow <3.

Jan 17, 2022:

A poem from Chelan,
"The U.N. explaining how it's not their fault that they spread cholera to organisms living in Titan's subsurface ocean."

Jan 16, 2022:

Jan 15, 2022:

Jan 14, 2022:

Jan 13, 2022:

Jan 12, 2022:

Jan 11, 2022:

Jan 10, 2022:

Jan 09, 2022:

Jan 08, 2022:

Jan 07, 2022:

This website is the most majestic thing I have ever seen.

Jan 06, 2022:

Jan 05, 2022:

Jan 04, 2022:

Jan 03, 2022:

Jan 02, 2022:

Jan 01, 2022:

Dec 31, 2021:

I've never been into war thunder, but you gotta love a community that leaks classified military documents to increase the accuracy of a video game.

Dec 30, 2021:

Dec 29, 2021:

Dec 28, 2021:

Dec 26, 2021:

Dec 25, 2021:

Dec 24, 2021:

Dec 23, 2021:

Nothing on this planet looks better than a casio mq24 with a white face.
If I wasn't in love with my f-91w, I'd have one of these.

Dec 22, 2021:

Dec 21, 2021:

I am not mentally equipped for social interaction
I swear to god It's so weird
I'm a generally extroverted person
But the slightest bit of like social tension and I die
I've been watching regular show again and twice today I've had to pause the show and go do something else because the slightest amount of tension builds up in the show and I feel like I'm going to vomit
I legit couldn't watch breaking bad for the same reason

Dec 20, 2021:

If the zombie apocalypse happened I think we should rebuild society at the 10th largest pyramid in the world.

Dec 19, 2021:

I hate discord so mcuh
They've rolled out a beta for account switching in client
So like they're endorsing you using multiple accounts
(Images excluded because they had personal info)
like hello?
You want users to make a new account to test your new multiple logins feature, but you also won't let them attach their phone to more than one account?

Dec 18, 2021:

I fucked around with custom email hosting and email clients to the point where I now have this beauty

Dec 17, 2021:

Dec 16, 2021:

Dec 15, 2021:

Please I really need one of you to get into classic-vapor/slush wave/nuwrld so I have someone I can talk to about this stuff. The only friend I have ever had who was into that kinda music was the guy who introduced me to it and we don't talk anymore :(
Anyway I think I'm going to go through the process of deleting instagram today
Dropping the atom bombs was a mistake btw
I'm going to go through the process of nuking the connection between any of my online profiles and I think from now on every account I make is going to be a different regular show character.

Dec 14, 2021:

I found an open source, self hostable discord alternative https://revolt.chat/

Dec 13, 2021:

No matter how many times minecraft logs me out, I will not move my accounts to microsoft emails
I hate microsoft so much

Dec 12, 2021:

Dec 11, 2021:

We should all join the NUWRLD mixtape club

Dec 10, 2021:

Dec 09, 2021:

Dec 08, 2021:

Dec 07, 2021:

My post of today the seventh of December is me letting you all know I am very sorry for forgetting the 5th of November.

Dec 06, 2021:

I am going to kill Jason

Dec 05, 2021:

Dec 04, 2021:

Dec 03, 2021:

Dec 02, 2021:

Dec 01, 2021:

Also here is approximately everything you need to home manufacture 3D printed firearms

Nov 30, 2021:

Only jason will find this interesting past being kinda funny to read about, but I present it for all of you to gawk at because I am running out of links

Nov 29, 2021:

Nov 28, 2021:

I've talked about this with a good few of you individually, but this is time cube https://web.archive.org/web/sitemap/timecube.com
the site changed alot over the years so archive.org allows you to see how it was at several points in time
The site owners changed after 2018 so the 2019+ years are just some scam

Nov 27, 2021:

Gmabmzlig'a xwab eia i abmiu kwlm ngq. Qb uqopb abqtt jm cvktiquml. Owwl oium bww.

Nov 26, 2021:


Nov 25, 2021:

Nov 24, 2021:

Nov 23, 2021:

Nov 22, 2021:

Nov 21, 2021:

Some mad lad figured out how to trick roblox's servers into accepting gifs for file uploads https://twitter.com/RBLXTradingNews/status/1462543649066127365

Nov 20, 2021:

found this yesterday. It's a CIA doc from around when the mkultra and mkdelta stuff was going on. Lots of fun.

Nov 19, 2021:

so this one is a weird conspiracy theory that black people were the original British and Germans and that white people exiled them to Africa and then rewrote history to make it seem like that's just where they always were

Nov 18, 2021:

Found this the other day and I think it's really fucking funny. The paper opens with this fucking quote which really just screams that these researchers are taking the piss. It's an incredible read all around.
“You have trivialized our movement by your mundane analysis. May God have mercy on you” - Ayman al-Zawahiri

Nov 17, 2021:

Trying to read through this is so fucking hard. There is so much broken English that came from translating Chinese text. Anyway, be scared. The entire countryside of china is weaponized through a system of tunnels unlike any other military strategic project ever.

Nov 10, 2021:

Nov 09, 2021:

Nov 06, 2021:

I have no idea how I found this, I just opened google drive one day and this was in my "shared with me" folder.

Nov 05, 2021:

Nov 04, 2021:

Nov 03, 2021:

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scientist_axolotl's profile picture

didnt know watching movies were haram...now Im gonna remove my eyes in order to not see any more films...

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Chelan's profile picture

Does this mean I have to start buying NFTs or I won't be racist anymore

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I don't know chelan. It is beyond my comprehension.

by Fawkes; ; Report


Chelan's profile picture

i need to check this more often

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i do not understand much of the 0% link but it is based

by Chelan; ; Report

chelan I love you

by Fawkes; ; Report

i love you too, singular person i speak to regularly on funny spacehey website

by Chelan; ; Report

This entire website is a psyop I designed to bring us together

by Fawkes; ; Report

How do I know you're not a psyop designed to make me admit to my war crimes in the Arabian peninsula?

by Chelan; ; Report

We already know what you did. The statute of limitations, however, protects you.

by Fawkes; ; Report


iason's profile picture

i miss terry rip terry

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rip terry indeed

by Fawkes; ; Report


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Dec. 29 is one of my favorite images

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Thank you chelan

by Fawkes; ; Report


iason's profile picture

tried telling my girlfriend about girls und panzer because she was trying to find something new to watch... she claimed that "you and your friends are so strange..." i guess it isn't on her watchlist then :/

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Thank you.

by Fawkes; ; Report

Ben Stone

Ben Stone's profile picture

I know these types of terrorism is quite common nowadays but these matter should be held by Gulfport Personal Injury attorney. I hope the government will realize how much it is affecting the civilians.

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What the hell are you on about.

by Fawkes; ; Report


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oh yah templeOS time

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wait till I bring terry out

by Fawkes; ; Report

rip terry

by iason; ; Report


scientist_axolotl's profile picture

swirl energy around in head.

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by Fawkes; ; Report


iason's profile picture

wow, has this really only been going on since november? feels like longer

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Yeah if you asked me to guess I woulda said 3 months.

by Fawkes; ; Report


by iason; ; Report